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University of Auckland Ethics RM System


System Issue - 19/02/2024

There is a known issue with applications becoming randomly stuck. Our IT team is collaborating with the vendor to resolve this problem.
If you encounter this issue, please submit a ServiceNow ticket by selecting 'Infonetica EthicsRM' from the software dropdown menu. The IT team needs real-time information to address this, so it is important to let us know as soon as possible before we can resolve the issue.

Update application button

Updating an application is only required prior to submitting an amendment request or when creating a new application (please click update before requesting HoD and/or Te Whatu Ora District sign-off).

For all other types of applications, please ignore the Update button.

17/6/2022 - Human Ethics workshops in Career Tools

To register for a training workshop to explore key ethical concepts and using Ethics RM:

17/6/2022 - Animal Ethics workshops in Career Tools

For information and booking a training workshop to use Ethics RM, please select this link.

27/05/2021 - Browser Support

The best browsers to use for Ethics RM is Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or the new version of Edge.

Infonetica Ethics RM no longer support Internet Explorer or the older version of Microsoft Edge

6/11/2020 - Applications have been migrated from InfoED

If you have an AEC or UAHPEC application from InfoEd that requires an amendment, please update the form before you start completing the amendment request.


For help in relation to completing your application, please refer to the Help Guide or our FAQ.